Troop 202 Beekeepers Needed for Earth Day Celebration


Thursday, April 21, at the Downtown Salt Lake City Public Library.  We will meet at the library at 6:00 pm and set up a poster and some Troop 202 information before the screening at 6:30.

On Saturday, April 23, we will meet at the Day Riverside Library at 12:30 pm to get ready for the 2 hour beekeeping event.

The skilled beekeepers of Troop 202 have been invited to participate in a two-day beekeeping event sponsored by the Salt LAke City Public Library late in April.  The announcement of the events can be seen here.  First, on Thursday evening, April 21, the scouts can participate in a screening of the film Vanishing of the Bees.  Earth Day is Friday, April 22.  Then, on Saturday, April 23, Troop 202 beekeepers are invited to contribute their expertise at at beekeeping information seminar/workshop at the Day-Riverside branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library, sponsored by Harvest Lane Honey of Tooele, Utah.  Scouts are encouraged to create a plan to make these events a success and share their beekeeping knowledge.


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