Spring Cleaning

Today was Spring Cleaning day.   Several scouts participated in inspecting and cleaning hives at The Harvard Yard, The Downtown Salt Lake City Public Library, and The Big Garden.  Both of last years scout hives survived the winter and are thriving.  We will watch them closely to prevent swarming.  One hive at the library perished.  It was reasonably strong going into winter, but the queen was already 2 seasons old, so the hive dwindled over the winter and the queen died about 2 weeks ago.   There were 100-200 remaining bees tending a few dozen brood.   The hive was otherwise clean and disease-free with moderate stores of honey remaining.  Both hives at The Big Garden perished.  Neither of them was a strong hive all last summer and both appeared feeble at the start of winter.  No worries.  We will get things going in a few weeks and we will have strong hives once again.  Stay tuned for information on package installation and hive splits next month.


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