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Consider a Career in Science

February 4, 2011

Scouting assists young people in choosing a career path, helping them to develop skills and expand their horizons.  I encourage scouts to be scientific in all their endeavors, regardless if they choose a career in beekeeping, medicine, music, computer programming, or horse trading.  Cell Biology, Medicine, Biochemistry, and other related science fields offer enormous opportunities to explore the world, have a good job, and have fun doing it.  Many people seek a PhD in these fields.  Students must, however, overcome numerous obstacles in their quest for an advanced degree.  Sooner or later students will inherit a problem that ends up being more than they bargained for.  Watch this video for a clear understanding of the frustrations inherent to getting a good education (rated PG-13).

Lady Gaga Science Parody Video

This post was created at the suggestion of Chris Hill.

Beekeeping Art and Utah Culture

February 4, 2011

Utah history and beekeeping are inextricably linked.  See other examples of Utah-specific art and commentary at  Thanks to Matt Page for bringing this valuable resource to our attention.