City Beekeeper Victorious on Election Day

City Beekeeper Frank Whitby enjoyed unprecedented popularity at the polls yesterday, vaulting him to a second term as City Beekeeper.  Running unopposed, Whitby took the city by storm and won in a landslide despite strong anti-incumbent sentiments in the mid-term elections.  Voter turn out was high and while election officials are still tallying votes, exit polls put Whitby squarely in the lead, although exact poll numbers have not been released.  At first glance it appeared as though Whitby was just piggybacking on the campaign efforts of would-be governor Peter Corroon, but in fact Whitby was hoping that his own popularity would boost the challenger’s chances against sitting governor Herbert.  Herbert, like Whitby, was facing his first election, having been appointed to his position without having to appease the voters prior to this year.  Although high-level government payoffs and insider dealing are purported to be status-quo in top Utah government circles, Whitby ran on a platform of roof-top hivery and above-board community comb-building that got the public buzzing.  Whitby, while overjoyed at his own success, is reported to be saddened by Corroon’s failure to sway Utah voters and hopes that he will consider running again next election.  For now, all those campaign signs are going to the dump.  Farewell to election 2010.


2 Responses to “City Beekeeper Victorious on Election Day”

  1. Denise Byington Says:

    Congratulations!!! I don’t think the city could have elected a more qualified bee keeper. Hopefully you will overcome the temptation of bribes and overall corruption to be the kind of beekeeper worthy of the Tea Party. In this anti-incumbent mood, I’m glad the voters of Salt Lake didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Good luck with the bees, and remember to stay true to your principles.

  2. John Steffen Says:

    “Happy Days are Here Again!” City Beekeeper Frank Whitby exemplifies the type of city official this country needs. Frank took the serious problem of “illegal bees” in Salt Lake City and made them legal. He turned them into productive members of society by having them produce award winning honey. Government officials take heed! Frank Whitby’s coattails will be long in four years. “Win with Whitby!”

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