Labor Day Weekend Honey Harvest

The Labor Day weekend was a huge success for the scouts endeavoring to earn the Beekeeping Merit Badge.  The weekend began on Thursday night with some advance training for parents in candle making and honey extraction.   Friday afternoon 5 scouts new to beekeeping came over and pulled the supers from the scout hives.  Friday evening about a dozen scouts and parents came down to the downtown library and we pulled the supers from the library hives.   Saturday we tackled honey extraction and candle making.   In the end, the scouts made 600 hand-dipped beeswax candles in about 8 hours and extracted all of the honey from the scout hives.   Saturday evening and Sunday were busy times for me as other beekeepers came over and extracted honey and then Sunday evening we had the Honey Harvest Taco Party.   The entire endeavor was a great success.  13 scouts have effectively completed the Beekeeping Merit Badge, but for a few sentences in the form of a written essay summing up their knowledge of bees, beekeeping, and pollination.   Congratulations to the scouts.

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