First Contact – Alien Beekeeping Family?

This is one of the strangest stories I have come across in a long while.  Many of the facts appear to have been corroborated, but by whom, I cannot say.  Aliens are reported to have touched down briefly in Utah, having traveled from who knows where in some sort of weird interstellar jalopy.  According to eye witness accounts, the arrival of the alien ship was accompanied by a strange and magical astronomical event; an intense star appeared for several hours in the eastern sky in broad daylight, reminiscent of a Super Nova.  Four of the apparently peaceful aliens, possibly representing the alien nuclear family, then emerged from their spacecraft wearing suits that resemble earthly beekeeping outfits.  Communication with the creatures was limited, but judging by their protective garb they either came in search of honey bee swarms or they anticipated that Earth is inhabited primarily by bees.  Current whereabouts of the aliens and their odd-looking vehicle are not known.  I suspect that word of the success of Troop 202’s beekeeping activities has spread and that we will hear of more such encounters in the future.


4 Responses to “First Contact – Alien Beekeeping Family?”

  1. Tom Niederee Says:

    This looks like a Christmas card to me. I’ll be expecting one from the aliens.

  2. bees202 Says:

    Everyone knows, aliens don’t celebrate Christmas. They do, however, travel the galaxy gathering self portraits which have great Christmas card potential. Is that a Star in the East?

  3. Beeliever Says:

    Clearly, these aliens came prepared for surgery. That would be their intergalactic operating room disguised to look like a trailer. Someone needs to let Scully and Mulder know about this.

  4. beebody Says:

    Seems quite normal to me, after all the bees are highly civilized creatures, with hives, comb, and a undisputed allegiance to the queen. The alien family clearly has a lunar lander, protective layers, and an undisputed allegiance to the queen…

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