Library Hives Thriving

I inspected the library hives today and they are both thriving.   I flipped two boxes on the left-hand hive since it had a deep above a shallow (it wintered over in the lower deep and a shallow).   The queen was laying in the deep, so I simply switched the boxes, put a queen excluder above the deep and placed the shallow on top.   Now the queen can continue to raise brood in the two deeps that now make up the more “normal” hive configuration and as the brood emerge in the shallow, above the excluder, then those frames will be filled with honey.   The other hive is a bit more problematic.   It has two deeps only.   Last week the upper deep was half vacant without much wax and the queen was in the lower deep.   This week the bees have fully drawn all the frames in the upper deep and packed it with honey so the queen cannot lay in the upper deep.   The hive is effectively honey-bound.   I will immediately replace the upper deep with a a different deep, put an excluder on top of it, add a couple of empty shallow honey supers, and place the honey-bound deep on top as a deep honey super.   It ways over 100 lbs, so lifting it is a real pain in the back.   I will update this post tomorrow after I have had a chance to modify the hives.

Update: Monday, July 12.   On the honey-bound hive, I lifted the upper deep and replaced it with a new deep box full of frames, about half of which already have wax drawn on them.  I added a queen excluder and then put the honey-bound deep on top.  I estimate that that box weighs something over 100 lbs at present.  I then added another two shallow honey supers.  I might have put the deep honey super on top of the two empty shallow supers, but lifting that box is a chore.  On the other hive, I lifted the shallow super that is sitting above the excluder and contains significant brood.   I replaced it with two shallow empty supers and then put the full super with brood on top.  The nights are warm, so even though I split the brood in this box from the cluster, I think the bees will tend the brood and they should hatch and then the super will be topped off with honey.


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