Bumblebee nest uncovered at the Big Garden

During routine removal of a brush pile, Grant discovered a bumblebee nest.  The bees appear to have shredded up a piece of plastic and nested deep in the pile of debris.  About a dozen agitated bumblebees proceeded to harass us and to hover about their disrupted nest but neither of us was stung.  We attempted to preserve the nest rather than destroy it, as bumblebees are excellent pollinators.   The photos are difficult to interpret but you can see a few brood cells in a clump amongst the plastic shreds, sticks and detritus.  There are a couple of bees bumbling around in the photos, but they are difficult to see.  If anyone else runs across a bumblebee nest, please try to get some better photos.  

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Update: Monday, July12.  Grant protected the bumblebee nest all last week and he said their was activity around the nest every day.  He thinks that yesterday was the last day he say the bees.  We inspected the nest today and it appears that the brood have all hatched and the bees have moved on.   Hopefully they are staying close by to help pollinate the Big Garden.


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