Scouts Encourage Bees to Learn to Read

7:00 a.m., Monday, June 18.  The scouts moved two hives from the Big Garden to the downtown Salt Lake City Library.  We installed the two hives on the roof of the library, in a small courtyard on the fifth floor of the building.  We positioned the hives to be easily visible behind glass windows on the spiral staircase.  These are real book-readin’ bees.  August, Nick, Jack W., and Trent were there to help put the hives in place.   We will let the bees get accustomed to their new home and inspect the hives in a week or so.

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2 Responses to “Scouts Encourage Bees to Learn to Read”

  1. Tom Niederee Says:

    Jack W, Great pictures. Nice observation of the Waxie logo and the no smoking sign. What will we do if we need to calm down the bees?
    Trent and Tom

  2. bees202 Says:

    We must get a photo of one of the scouts armed with a smoker next to the sign.

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