Hive Inspection – Memorial Day, 2010

Troop 202 participated in a Memorial Day flag ceremony and mass by Bishop Wester to honor our fallen soldiers.  Following the ceremony we gathered at the Harvard Yard to inspect the hives.  Nick, Trent, Danny, Jack W., and Sarah were there to do the work.

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They discovered that the North hive is healthy and growing in numbers.   The cluster is in the lower deep brood chamber and the bees have drawn out wax on only a couple of the frames in the upper deep.  The queen is laying and everything looks good.  The (former) South hive, which now sits in the middle (Middle Hive) is growing at an even greater rate.  The cluster is distributed between the upper and lower deep chambers.  Almost all of the space in the upper box has been drawn out and there are about 4 frames completely full of capped brood in the upper box alone.   The population of this box is about to explode.   The scouts need to add a honey super to this hive soon.  The in-hive feeders were removed from both of these hives.  The entrance of each is still partially restricted by an entrance reducer.   The third hive is the hive that was started from a swarm.  The swarm was captured May 8.  The swarm was installed in the hive May 15 with evidence of a viable queen at the time.  Currently the hive appears to be queenless.   There are a surprising number of bees.  They have created two supercedure cells on the surface of one of the frames.  It seems that the queen was killed, perhaps during installation, so the hive is trying to create a new queen.   We will allow the supercedure process to proceed and hope that the hive can recover.  If the queen was lost on about May 15, the supercedure cells should hatch out any day now.


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