City Councilman Searches for Beehives on Paris Opera

Salt Lake City Councilman JT Martin went on a quest to find the beehives on the roof of the Paris Opera. It seems he was not allowed to inspect the hives in person so he apparently parachuted onto a nearby rooftop to get a better view. You can see that he is pointing to the location of the hives on the Opera house across the way. Perhaps my vision is failing, but I am unable to discern hives in this view.

JT continued his mission by infiltrating the Opera House gift shop in search of famous Paris Opera honey. He reports that the shop was sold out of last years harvest. You can see him standing in the street giving a thumbs-down to honey souvenirs. We give him a thumbs-up for perseverance. We will have more information on rooftop beekeeping in the future.


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