Two More Swarms – Two Locations – Friday Evening

Phil found another swarm near Foothill and Sunnyside area.  John and I had just suited up when I had to go deal with another swarm downtown.   Sandy called John to tell me that Charles had told her that there was a swarm in Jay’s garden.  Such is the way of communicating the location of a swarm to a beekeeper.  John and Phil handled the first one and I drove downtown to meet Sandy and catch the other one.  It was about 8 feet off the ground in an apricot tree.  I brushed the bees into a cardboard box that I then taped to the tree.  I returned to the garden at 6:00 am Saturday morning, scooped up the remaining coffee-cup-sized clump of bees on the branch into a plastic bag, taped the door to the cardboard box shut and moved the whole shootin’ match over to the Harvard house.  The bees have 5 frames in the cardboard box and they will be happy there for a week or so until we decide what to do with them.


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