Hive Inspection, Update, Start New Hive

Saturday, May 15.  Nick, James’s sister Sarah and a variety of adults tended to the hives in the harvard yard.  We found the queen in both scout hives and both appeared to be healthy.  The Queen was on the southern-most frame in the North hive.   This is a bit unusual, but the brood cluster is shifted to that side of the hive because of the in-hive feeder on the opposite side.  We added a second deep brood chamber to each hive, shifted the in-hive feeder to the top box and secured the hives.  We shifted both hives North about 6 inches to make room for a third hive.   We started a third hive in a single deep brood chamber.   The bees came from a swarm caught last Saturday and mentioned last week on this blog as the first swarm of 2010.  we saw the queen in the swarm and she has already been laying eggs.


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