Swarm Falls Victim to Mother’s Day Brunch

We had a report of a swarm near 1700 E and 1300 S this morning.  It was reported to us by a reliable source as being 20 feet up in a maple overhanging the street.  We went to have a look following Mother’s Day brunch, but alas, the swarm had jumped ship.   A few scout bees were stranded at the original swarm location, but there were no other signs of the swarm.   Everyone should be on alert for swarms the next couple of weeks.   If a neighbor tells you about one, get a good sized cardboard box with a lid.   Hold the box under the swarm and shake the clump of bees down into the box.  Put the lid on, but allow an entrance hole in the side of the box.  Place the box as close to the original swarm location as possible and stand back and observe.   After 30 minutes most of the bees should go in the box, indicating that the queen is in there.  At night, the bees should all huddle in the box with the queen.   The box can then be moved and the bees transported to a new hive.   Contact me if you want some advice or assistance, but I encourage the scouts to tackle swarms on their own if they have the nerve.  Swarming bees do not have a hive to protect, so they tend to be docile and not prone to stinging.


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