Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 9, 2010 – NO BEEKEEPING ALLOWED!

Scouts should spend Sunday with their mothers.  After all, it is Mother’s Day.  According to one scout’s mother, beekeeping activities are NOT ALLOWED on Mother’s Day.  This came as a big shock for one father and avid beekeeper, but so be it – scouts are hereby officially forbidden by their beekeeping merit badge councillor from engaging in beekeeping activities.   Take it from me, you should focus on Mom, and hope not to dig to yourself in any deeper than you already are, no matter what problems you may have already caused yourself.  This councillor is here to teach beekeeping, but when it comes to stupid mistakes with your wife/girlfriend/mother, I am the one to tell you what not to do – based on personal experience.  My recommendation for this Sunday, Mother’s Day, 2010 – toe the line and focus your attention, not on beekeeping, but on your mother.


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