Hive Inspection Sunday April 25

Jack Whitby inspected both hives on Sunday, April 25, 2010.  Inspection was performed at midday at about 55 degrees F with intense sun and no wind.   The bees were flying and bringing in plenty of bright yellow pollen.  We shifted the South hive about 3 inches to the South to permit a better fit of the tops of both hives.   Jack refilled both in-hive feeders.   Neither of the feeders had drowned bees in them and both were bone-dry, so they appear to be working well.  We saw the North queen and saw extensive egg-laying in both hives.  We flipped the screened inner transport covers to intentionally allow bees into the hive top feeders to clean them out.  This amounts to throwing in the towel on the battle to keep bees from drowning in the hive-top feeders.  Better to just let the bees rob them out.  We will continue to use the in-hive feeders as a food source and the hive-top feeders will be use for ventilation.  Warm weather is predicted for the next 48-72 hours after which a storm is expected to bring valley rain and mountain snow with the possibility of snow on the East Bench on Thursday.

The plum trees (the Satsuma and the Santa Rosa) are losing most of their blossoms this weekend.   The Cherry trees (the small Utah Giant by the driveway, the Sweet Lapin in he back yard and the huge Bing in the front yard) are all in full bloom.  We have 2 Red Bartlett, 2 5-Pears and one 5-Asian-Pear trees in the yard and they do not appear to be flowering as intensely as in years past.  Both espaliered 5-Apple trees appear healthy with reasonable bloom.  All of the grape vines are just beginning to leaf out.  Many of the big maple trees throughout the neighborhood are flowering and will continue to do so for a week or more I would guess.


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